Ampersand Books is a madcap romp through literature’s unexplored basement, a heroic quest to its highest peaks, a gasoline-and-banana smoothie. Our books are nuns in thongs and dogs playing poker, gallows humour and deathbed confessions, honest country preachers with that con-man’s smirk. Our books are celebrations of the written word, explorations of the written world, concentrating on fiction, the short story, Bloody Fine Chapbooks, and the critically acclaimed literary magazine, The Ampersand Review, available both in print and online.

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While these geniuses form the core of Ampersand Books, the work we do would not be possible without our cast of dedicated minions who, usually with their consent and not always chained to a radiator in the basement, perform a ridiculous amount of work, asking only that their names be put here, that they get good letters of recommendation, and that they be allowed to see their families.  Not all of them make it back alive, but the ones who do are hereby glorified:

April Sopkin

Lindsey Silken

Jennifer Rigsby

Sophie Hesselgrave

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There are two methods for bringing your fine work to the attention of our crack team of editors.

  1. Submit a sample of your work to The Ampersand Review.  Mention, delicately if you can, that there is a manuscript afloat.
  2. Take your manuscript and query to the nearest shopping mall.  Stand in front of Sbarro’s Pizza, remove every stitch of clothing, and read your proposal as loudly as you can in a thick Irish brogue.  An Ampersand representative will be with you shortly.  Look for the blue outfit and shiny metal badge.

Basically, there’s one way.  Or you can track one of us down at a bar and buy us a drink.  So there are two ways.  Whatever.

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Questions, comments, suggestions, verbal molestations, expostulations, prevarications, and bribery inquiries should be addressed to:

ampersandeditor [at]

Submissions sent to this address will be cruelly mocked, then deleted.