Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!


In this fragmented, nontraditional narrative, Riippi explores the aftermath of stories rather than simply telling them: a critic chants Sontag in a mental hospital; a playwright flees human shrapnel; a starfish tattoo endows a woman with newfound strength. do something!… is a story of great literary power, one that “might just change the way you look at life.”



Ampersand Books
..the gritty feel of cyber punk...real talent on the page...
Ampersand Books
Do Something follows a drunken writer, an institutionalized literary critic, and the woman with the starfish tattoo, three broken Americans whose trials–rape, mental breakdown, substance abuse—Riippi intertwines with the great stresses of contemporary American life, terrorism, and economic collapse.
Ampersand Books
...moments of profound tenderness and emotional truth.
Ampersand Books
Joseph Riippi accomplished no easy thing to have so well-crafted pain inside the usual streetways and bar reflections of places I thought I knew, and with so much beauty... I fear to touch, fear that my finger will come away surprised by red, by blood. Do Something indeed, whether as a Faust or an Eve. Hurry up and just eat the fruit! Riippi has great literary power.


Joseph Riippi does an interview with Adam Robinson in HTMLGiant.

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