Dodging Traffic


Raucous metaphor, vivid imagery, joyful bombast, larger-than-life. J. Bradley’s poetry is widely published and admired, the subject of wry laughter and shocked gasps the world over. In this, his first collection, he brings the full bore of his trademark poetic styling to the stuff of real life. Lust, love, contempt, disgust, parental guidance, and poetic revenge, crafted with unbridled imagination and unmistakable skill. Bradley’s poetry hearkens back to the times of childhood, when life was still interesting and imagination could bring cardboard boxes and discarded love affairs to life. Dodging Traffic grins while jabbing its thumb firmly in the eye of the academic poetry world.



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“Bradley writes from the heart, but it is a heart filled with booze and a little rage,” -J. Bradley’s interview with  Chicago Subtext

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