For the Woman Alone


Ashley Inguanta’s second collection is a collage of loss and healing, photography and poetry, memory and hope. Arranged around the author’s own photography, Inguanta’s sincere and passionate poetry holds moments in time and releases them with compassion.




Ampersand Books
"The work is an invitation, open arms. Iguanta's work is many things. It is a scrapbook, it is intimate and hand-held, largely handwritten, collaged, thumbed-through pages, pressed flowers..."

About the Author

new author photoAshley Inguanta is a writer and photographer who is driven by landscape, place. She is the Art Director of SmokeLong Quarterly and the author of three collections: The Way Home (Dancing Girl Press 2013), For the Woman Alone (Ampersand Books 2014), and Bomb (Forthcoming with Ampersand Books 2016). Ashley has been featured in numerous publications, including Everyday Fiction, Orlando Weekly, American Microreviews & Interviews, and The Great American Brainstorm. In 2013, she was named as “one of the six Central Florida poets you should know” by Orlando Arts Magazine and recently won an Orlando’s Best Award for Best Poet.


Ampersand Books
“'In this moment'” repeats as concert tickets, faded photographs, torn poems float between marginalia that begs for us to 'hold on, hold on.' For the Woman Alone is more than a book, it is an experience—it is the moment carefully carved out from the haunting past and daunting future. This collection reminds us that the moment is all that can truly belong to us—and the best of us is only found when we surrender it to another. These poems perpetually carry the scent of blueberries on a lover’s breath and softly places us in the ocean. If you have ever wondered where to locate love, it resides within these pages."
Ampersand Books
"This is a love letter this is a lost journal this is a found journal this is an artifact a record a trace an accident a secret a promise. This is a finger across the skin, for a moment, and then gone."
Ampersand Books
"For the Woman Alone is a raw and tender offering. Eat from its garden these words 'soft as a cardinal,' then swim dreamlike through 'the open window' of each image unfolding 'the layers of your life' and blooming like 'a hymn in the sky.'
Ampersand Books
“Ashley Inguanta is the straight dope. The milk honey blood of the freshest body-heart-sex-human-fullness of song coming from one body. She is out there making picture cut-outs of her own heart to show us the viatic, the lustful, the emboldened embodied youth in surety of first vision and direct experience, the youth-knowing of rightness, the Blake-like expansive truth of poetry so perfect in pitch that it can save us all by showing us what it is to feel with new hands and new tongues and new mouths and hearts. The mouth is a heart, as Augustine showed us. This is a holy mouth."


ISBN: 978-09887328-9-6
48 full-colour pages
June 2014