Gathered Here Together


Gathered here together are 22 of Garrett Socol’s finely crafted stories, by turns darkly humorous and light and zany, and often both at once.  The characters populating these stories march slightly out-of-step with the world around them: a dentist, his hygienist, and their illicit flossing , a writer who publishes her own suicide handbook, a woman selling baked goods for electroshock therapy.  In this collection, Socol brings his wry insight and sensitivity to bear on the madness of contemporary culture, the silliness of everyday life, and illustrates the many ways people, against all odds, keep themselves afloat.



Ampersand Books
"Brilliantly created characters and masterful prose. There's no fluff here. Just finely crafted fiction that brings in the reader and doesn't let go until well after the last story is told."
Ampersand Books
"Garrett Socol looks benignly on our mucky world and conveys the dark humour of everyday madness."
Ampersand Books
"Death, suicide, and dental work have never been this funny. Garrett Socol creates characters on the edge--often with one foot in the great beyond--and finds their humanity and quirky appeal, writing about them with devastatingly witty bemusement. His stories are a great reason to stay alive."
Ampersand Books
At times, it was unsettling, but it always caused the gears in my head to start turning—the evidence that a piece of writing has done its job.”
Ampersand Books
In Gathered Here Together, Garrett Socol offers an hallucinatory vision of contemporary American culture with prose that ricochets madly from the tragic to the comical and nearly always lands squarely in the realm of the bizarre.”
Ampersand Books
Truman Capote wishes he could have pulled this kind of wit off while he was alive.
Ampersand Books
Garrett Socol marries the tragic with the comedic by twisting his characters, who all happen to be in the midst of their respective catastrophes, into off-kilter spotlights that often double as funhouse mirrors.”


Returning home after having her stomach pumped was not
one of Sally Biddle’s favorite activities. The food in her refrigerator
would be growing mold, the toilet seat in her bathroom would be
freezing cold, and more often than not, dried blood would have to
be hand-washed from the hickory hardwood floor in the living room.
But here she was again, in the passenger seat of Adam Delgado’s
white Infiniti, with its tinted windows and new car scent, pulling up
to her empty duplex.

“If a dozen people are on the other side of the door waiting to
scream ‘Surprise,’ I won’t speak to you for six months,” she warned.

“I’d never let a dozen people see you looking like such hell,” he
assured her, clutching her arm to keep her from falling and breaking
some bone on the winding brick path. “You look like you just spent
two weeks at Buchenwald.”


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