• Description

    Featuring retellings by:

    • Matt Bell
    • Alicia Gifford
    • Michael Martone
    • Daniel Grandbois
    • Darcie Dennigan
    • Peter Connors
    • Jim Ruland
    • Samantha Hunt
    • Blake Butler
    • Tom La Farge
    • Shya Scanlon
    • Pedro Ponce
    • Crispin Best
    • Erin Fitzgerald
    • J. Bradley
    • With original artwork by Teresa Buzzard
    • Molly Gaudry
    • Steve Himmer
    • Josh Maday
    • Henry Jenkins
    • Michael Kimball
    • Corey Mesler
    • Roxane Gay
    • Timothy Gager
    • Heather Fowler
    • Joseph Riippi
    • Wendy Walker
    • Zachary Mason
    • Curtis Smith
    • Jeff Brewer
    • Kathleen Rooney & Lily Hoang


    Tthe most fully realized pieces present here (like Roxane Gay’s “Alias: The Complete Series,” and Jim Ruland’s “Jack and Jill”) multitask beautifully: telling their own story while bringing new meaning to an old tale.” – Jonathan Messinger, TimeOut Chicago

    “This is the treat of retelling—and of RE: Telling—the startling juxtaposition, the blandly familiar suddenly made dangerously new.” – Spencer Dew, decomP

    “With a lineup as diverse as Michael Martone, Roxane Gay, Heather Fowler, Corey Mesler, Alicia Gifford, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Molly Gaudry, and Pedro Ponce, among others, you know it has to be good. And it is.” – Cynthia Reeser, Prick of the Spindle

    There’s something for everyone in Re: Telling.*” – Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews


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