The Ampersand Review, Vol. 4


Faster than a prom-night virgin, more powerful than his pimply lust.  Able to leap mountainous pretentions with a single “Ha!”.  It’s the fourth edition of The Ampersand Review!  Read some of the thrilling exploits of The Ampersand Hero League!


Fiction by:

Rebecca Serle, Adam Cogbill, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Matthew Dexter, Erik Svehaug, Donald Capone, Ande Davis, Allan Shapiro, Meg Pokrass, Jamie Iridell, Spencer Dew, John Thornton, Steven Goerger, Catherine Borders, & Leslie Haynsworth.


& Poetry by:

Anne Babson, Ron Seitz, Felicia A. Rivers, Daniel Lawless, Melissa Broder, Gregory Lawless, Sarah DiMaggio, Peter Weltner, Joshua James, David Cudar, Sherill Alesiak, Emma Schaeffer, Emma Ramey, Tasia Hane-Devore, Changming Yuan, Nancy Dafoe, Amye Barrese Archer & Amber Coady!


& Nonfiction by:

Jaquira Diaz & Christin Nice-Webb