The Ampersand Review, Vol. 5


We ruling tyrants of Ampersand City welcome you to peruse the work of the authors fortunate enough to find themselves within the walls of our paradisaical compound.  This is a city that never sleeps, coffee shops on every street corner, and the beer flows like wine.  Here the streets are paved with Nerf that will never crack your chin and, as always, there are no kittens in Ampersand City.  Enjoy your stroll, and don’t forget a souvenir.



Fiction by:

Caroline Picard, Robert WexelblattGarrett Socol, Luke GoebelNora Offen, Josh Wardrip, Jonathan Reynolds, J. Harringman, Diane Lefer, Wade J. McMahan, & Seth Borgen.


Nonfiction by:

Lopamudra Banerjee


Poetry by:

Emma Ramey, Jen McClung, Jim Coppoc, Michael Salcman, Benjamin Lowenkron, Tod Caviness, Buff Whitman-Bradley, Rebecca Perry, Heather Bell, Wendy Levine Devito, Danny P. Barbare, Michelle Johnson, Michelle Menting, William Nixon, Andrew Booth, Michael Stewart, & Chris Middleman.


& Science by:

Christopher Katz, PhD.