The Ampersand Review, Vol. 6


  • Description

    We, the composers of this bittersweet Ampersand symphony, invite you to kick back and enjoy the rich textures of this masterful mashup of the finest contemporary authors.  We have first-chair expertise alongside promising prodigies and master noisicians.  The music may be striking, a little dissonant, but this is Ampersand, and the song is never the same.

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Fiction by:

Kyle Moreno, Jon Lasser, Shellie Zacharia, J. Bradley, Daniel Davis, Jenny Wales Steele, Richard Radford, Erik Johnson,Craig Reinbold, & Joy Allen.


Poetry by:

Michelle Menting, Mark Harrison, Ryan Holden, Michelle Tooker, Thad DeVassie, Elizabeth Meaney, Michael Marks, Nulty Lynch, Joseph Goosey, Ryan Havely, Kathryn McKenna, Ryan Flores, J.W. Mark, Joshua Chittick, Anna Cork, & Howie Good.


& Nonfiction by:

Zachary Hill and Jim Kroschell.



This issue of Ampersand Review is much like this story—quirky, enjoyable, and a quick read. The language-focus is there, which is often overlooked, and makes it that much stronger.” – C.J. Opperthauser,