The Ampersand Review, Vol. 6


  • Description

    Fiction by:

    Kyle Moreno, Jon Lasser, Shellie Zacharia, J. Bradley, Daniel Davis, Jenny Wales Steele, Richard Radford, Erik Johnson,Craig Reinbold, & Joy Allen.


    Poetry by:

    Michelle Menting, Mark Harrison, Ryan Holden, Michelle Tooker, Thad DeVassie, Elizabeth Meaney, Michael Marks, Nulty Lynch, Joseph Goosey, Ryan Havely, Kathryn McKenna, Ryan Flores, J.W. Mark, Joshua Chittick, Anna Cork, & Howie Good.


    & Nonfiction by:

    Zachary Hill and Jim Kroschell.



    This issue of Ampersand Review is much like this story—quirky, enjoyable, and a quick read. The language-focus is there, which is often overlooked, and makes it that much stronger.” – C.J. Opperthauser,

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