The Ampersand Review, Vol 7


Congratulations on finding your way to Ampersand Mart, your one-stop destination for whatever you’re lookin for.  If you ain’t a cop you’re welcome, just slip the girl at the door a fiver and we’ll help you find what you need.  Enjoy lookin around and don’t be bashful – if you don’t see what you’re lookin for, just ask.  And be careful who youse tell about the place.  We don’t need the wrong kinda attention, if you catch da drift.


Lies by:

Mary Elizabeth Pope, Travis Sentell, Hobie Anthony, Colin Fleming, Joel Cox, J. A. Tyler, Danger_Slater, Jeff Brewer, Lyzette Wanzer, Michael Cooper, & Jordan Wingate.


Truth by:

Adam Gallari & Erin Wisti.


& In-Betweens by:

Kirsty Logan, Gregory Sherl, Ani Smith, Nicelle Davis, J. Bradley, Ashleigh Lambert, Tim Dicks, & Stevie Edwards