We Are Never as Beautiful as We Are Now


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    A promising newcomer…Gallari’s tales are earnestly conceived and tenderly wrought.

    —Publishers Weekly

    The Author Says:
    • Ampersand Books
      What we have in this book is not an epiphany that all four hooves of a horse are off the ground at once, but a sense of fracture, an inability to come to terms with time and being passed by. We know there is no remedy.
      Ampersand Books
      These rich, full-hearted stories mark a compelling debut. Adam Gallari is a fearless writer who believes in unobtrusive craft, emotional honesty, most of all in life itself. About the perplexities of that life, he writes thrillingly. His sentences sing with longing and tenderness and regret.
      Ampersand Books
      These are wonderful stories, muscular and intelligent and deeply felt. They explore the shadowed vulnerability of masculinity with grace, wit, and power. Gallari s voice is original and affecting, an absolute pleasure to read.
      Ampersand Books
      The characters in Adam Gallari's We Are Never As Beautiful As We Are Now each toe some newly reached precipice, past which they too often see only the end of their youth, the decline they believe follows. Gallari excels at showing us the way our dreams first define and then frustrate us, pushing us to quest after glories that all too quickly become only the memories of our glory days, but his stories do not revel in this realization. Rather, they serve to remind us of that which his characters cannot always see: That it is sometimes only we who perceive some end to our own beauty, and perhaps on the other side of it there is something better still, as yet undreamed of but no less desirable than what came before.
    • Ampersand Books
      "Subtle and often profound, Gallari’s laconic style oozes with backstory, hitting the reader in the gut with the bits he doesn’t state, like a baseball smacking into the sweet spot of a catcher’s mitt."
      Ampersand Books
      "[We Take Me Apart] details grace. . . it will haunt like a remembrance of fragrance or swoosh of hair or panoply of mother as tart then sweet and suddenly elusive as memories of one's own."
      Ampersand Books
      "These stories don’t unspool so much as adjust and then readjust, awaiting the ball finally, finally put into play, a moment that, here, threatens never to come."
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